Gardeners share tips on how protect plants during cold temps

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) – A freeze warning has been issued for the eastern side of North Dakota and the northwest corner of Minnesota for Friday, leaving gardeners wondering what that means for their plants and flowers. Some of those in the profession say that there is no need to panic, not all is lost.

“Just take a moment. You’re going to be able to handle it, there’s lot of tools at your disposal but the first big thing is to cover and bring inside.” said Delaney Halloran, an outdoor supervisor for Baker Garden & Gift.

The cold temperatures have caught some off-guard who have already planted their gardens. Some of the experts in the business say that people should avoid frost bite damage to their plants since it is hard to come back from it.

“Can’t really, once it’s frost bit it’s pretty tough to recover,” said J.D. Shotwell, an owner of Shotwell. “That’s why you got to be super careful, maybe throw a blanket over there to help insulate it.”

Here are some of the tips on what to do during cold nights:

* Move the plants inside during cold temperatures

* Use blankets or sheets to cover pants that are outside

* Water plants prior to nightfall, dry cold can cause the worst frost bite damage

“Again, because so many people around here already planted and they don’t know what to do and again people are panicking so we are trying to warn people you don’t need to panic,” said Halloran. “You have all the tools at your disposal. If you don’t have tarps, if you don’t have all the really intense cover, go grab a garbage can, go grab an old planter. Anything you have in your house can cover your plants.”

Experts also say you should prepare your plants if the temperature is below 50 degrees.

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